Carl had been a devout Christian, loving husband, caring father and available for anyone who was fortunate enough to call him a friend. There are untold numbers of happy surfers who were privileged in owning one of Carl's hand shaped surfboards. Guys like Huntington Beach local Chuck Linnen, who visualizes Carl now "riding the never ending wave." Chuck also had a full quiver of Hayward boards, his favorite being a 9'10" that he broke on the Southside of the H.B. Pier, some 20 years ago.

On another occasion, a young Joe McElroy was caught right in the middle of the OP Pro beach riots running for cover as bottles flew above his head and police officers ran with Billy clubs swinging at anyone that moved. Just as Joe was losing steam a long arm reached out from a door and pulled him to safety. Carl had grabbed Joe and eased him into a corner of his surf shop, locked the door and waited for the mayhem to subside.

Carl had great influence on next generation shredders like Troy Eckert who exclusively rode Carl's boards, as well as Scott Farnsworth who won a world-amateur championship on one of Carl's great shapes. Fond memories from stoked surfers go on and on. Those that were even closer to Carl had the pleasure of working with him on daily basis. Even though Carl maintained a strong passion for shaping and surfing throughout his life, he hung up his planer and focused his efforts on working with long time friend and at that point fellow recreational shaper Bob Hurley.

"Carl was a unique man with a world class gift for riding waves and making surfboards. His amazing surfing talents were overshadowed by a strong silent faith that represented his savior most accurately. A man with no apparent personal agenda, other than solving problems and giving other people credit, Carl would encourage and support his friends and enemies equally in pursuit of worthy accomplishment. He was the most evenhanded person I have ever known.

We will miss his backbone. He was a real man-in the classical sense. His love and support for his wife and children were his source of motivation and something we should all aspire to. Carl Hayward was a full time human and this planet will surely miss him".

- Bob Hurley