TT: That was a great shop for you guys?

Carl: That was great, it was awesome, so it was a great store. It was the good days, it was the good days I mean we sold 30 boards a month, we made 60 dollars a board you know. We had 300 a month over head, I shaped them, Dwight hot coated them you know. We sold wax, surfboards, leashes, leashes were just coming around then. You didn't sell too much else and you didn't worry you know. Fur Cat use to surf and work for me and his younger brother. Smiley was one of our first sales people. There was Smiley, then there was Bill Ward later. Mostly I remember Bill and Smiley there until the end. About 2 years later Dwight decided to get married and at that time he decided to sell his interest in the shop.

Then the store was mine and (Carl had a shaping room on 17 St. at the RC shop ) things were good, still good for quite a few years you know. Until all the downtown, they started tearing up the street up and all that garbage, just killed business. Downtown was just deteriorating. So in 86' it was so bad in Huntington that I said I going to open a store in San Clemente. So I kept the store in Huntington until late 88'. Then in late 88' early 89' I opened a store in San Clemente. I put all my heart and soul and money into it, then the Gulf War began and business went flat.

Carl Hayward would go on to work for Hurley International and contributed to the company's growth.

-Tom Takao