May 2002
by Tom Takao

Carl: I was fifteen years old and Walden twin fins were happening. Then when I was 16 which would have been 73' I would have been riding Petrillo Surfboards. Everyone was riding single fins and the twin fins thing kinda went away. I was making a lot of single fins and oh; that's when David started riding the nose before the full round fishes around 73'. Dyno came in and Dyno was big. This guy named Dick Lippencott bought Dyno, which was located on 3rd Street. David had just come out riding the Rainbow and he was getting Rainbow surfboards and those guys were making Dynos too. Then the Dyno factory burned down in December during the Holidays.

Dyno kinda went into a tail spin and guys were still not, you know fishes were around and not that big a deal. Ah, then for about a year, so I was about, that covered about 73' 74' 75 ish, somewhere around there. About 75' is ah, I went to work, I was hanging out at, let see, I was 16, 17 old and I went to work for Dyno, he moved to Santa Ana up here. So I went and did my first maybe fifty boards, eighty boards, hundred boards. Then I went up and shaped some boards at the Dyno shop but there was Steve Braum, he was the shaper at Dyno. Steve Braum was best buddies with Clyde Beatty and all of the same time I was hanging up here shaping and ah think Clyde was making some of the first, I guess Rocket fishes and so I was seeing some of the first ones made.

But Dyno was making; just making single fin called Dynomites, there were like fun shape, egg nose thing. So I was shaping some of that stuff. I did that for Oh, ah about 6 to 8 months. Wayne Brown opened his shop and I went to work with my friends and ah my roommate Randy Steingard who was a salesman had gone to work for Wayne Brown. So we worked for Wayne Brown and at that time that's when I made the first Rocket Fishes, really in that transition, ah that would have to be about 75', 76'.

TT: Were you riding short boards back then?

Carl: Yeah I was riding, yeah I was riding I would say 6'4"s, and I was 6'4" most guys were riding short boards about their height. I'd say give or take a couple of inches longer, some guys couple inches shorter. But I think I was riding a diamond tail, the last single fin I had was a diamond tail. But I was riding some longer boards too, I mean ah before I was riding fishes. But when I was over eighteen and I'd would have a diamond tail gun; (laughter) I think everyone had a diamond tail then. Not really a square tail, usually everyone rode pin tails or diamond tails. Then at that time when I was at Wayne Brown still doing a lot of single fins. Then ah the tail end of Wayne Brown, I went, I did a skateboard deal with this guy making skateboards. I went off making skateboards for about 6 months of the year, but that closed down. I went back to Wayne Brown and then I was pretty much full court twin fins and rocket fishes, but still twin fins and rocket fishes were only 20% and 80% still rode single fins boards at that point. It wasn't until I open my own store and that was in 70 let see 67, dating myself here,

TT: You and Dwight had the old Dyno retail shop which was the old Chuck Dent shop?

Carl: Yeah we opened that store in 1979. And ah in the middle of that is when I was shaping Lightning Bolt boards, I was making ah, shaping production; like stingers, fishes, and everything for Sunline boards and Lightning Bolt. That''s when I met Harpo, at that time and I was shaping a little bit still a lot of single fins at that point. But when I open my store that was in 79' I was full bore. 50 % of the boards I did were Rocket fishes.