Carl and Chris at Huntington Beach pier.

<P>Carl Hayward was my friend, I grew up in downtown Huntington Beach in the 1960's and 1970's, actually I still live there.</P>About the time I was 15 or 16, this gangly kid started showing up in the water on the South Side of Huntington Pier. I think he was from back East somewhere, Massachusetts or something. He had this accent that made his name sound like Cal instead of Carl. He, and later his brother Scott, became fixtures on the South Side. Carl wasn't anything like us then, save for the competitive spirit. We went to Huntington High, worked at one or the other of the surf shops, spent all of our free time surfing, and pretty much only associated with each other. Carl was a nice kid, a year or two younger than most of us, from God knows where. He spent all of his free time surfing too.

Carl Hayward, south side HB pier.

Carl Hayward Surfboards on Main St. Huntington Beach.