Wet and Wild With Rockin Fig
Rick Fignetti.

Back in the '80s, when the surf scene was starting to happen, Carl was a tall lanky kid who had the natural ability and style in his surfing to move to the top. He had a surf shop on Main Street and was definitely one of the best surfers in town. He ruled the pier, was known around the world and had a patented slash back cutback that was admired by many.

His surfing was radical for the time, but he was also known as being one of the best paddlers around with his long arms. He could catch anything, especially, if you had him in a heat at a surf contest!

Carl won the Huntington city contest numerous times and was a standout at the Kanvas by Katin Contest that was held on Northside every year, back in the day.

Most guys would be happy being the best guy in the lineup, but Carl pushed the limits even more, getting into the shaping scene too. His shaping skills were on, and he could relate because he could surf as well.

When twin fins caught on, we were looking for more freedom in directional changes on the face of a wave. Carl was right on it with his own version, called the "Rocket Fish," that featured a pointier nose and a deep swallow with longer wide base fins that worked killer.

The way Carl surfed on those boards, most wanted to try them out. I know, I've had a few of those magic shapes by him and so have a lotta the town's surfers over the years.